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Fuego Hot Sauce


Fuego is a hot sauce brand that aims to bring the heat to your taste buds. Their hot sauces are crafted with a perfect blend of flavors and spices to satisfy the cravings of hot sauce enthusiasts. Fuego's mission is to ignite your passion for hot sauce and elevate your dining experience with each and every bite. Whether you are a fan of mild or super-hot sauces, Fuego has got you covered. The logo for Fuego hot sauce brand is designed to reflect their mission to bring the heat to your taste buds. The letter "F" is used as the logo, which also serves as a symbol for fire. The design is simple yet effective, conveying the brand's message of hotness and spiciness. The letter "F" is designed in a way that it resembles the shape of flames, giving the logo a fiery look. The color palette used for the logo includes warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow, which are commonly associated with fire and hotness.

  • Brand Analysis

  • Inspiration Board

  • Primary + Secondary Logo Design

  • Typography Selection

  • Color Palette

  • Packaging Design

  • 3D Brand Mockups

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