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Corina Wellness


Corina wellness can help you reach your nutrition and dietary goals in a safe and effective manner, whether you want to lose weight, deal with disordered eating, enhance your performance, or manage a chronic disease. The core colors of the brand are a vivid pink and turquoise color combination. Fuchsia is a happy, lively, and uplifting color. Because the hue is named after a purplish-red flower, fuchsia also denotes vitality, self-assurance, and confidence. Turquoise is a soothing, inviting, and happy hue that exudes the serenity of blue, the growth of green, and the vibrancy of yellow. The logo mark was intentionally designed to symbolize a flower, butterfly, and Nelson Mandela. These illustrations depict the path of wellness and holistic nutrition. We develop, blossom, and transform as we continue on our wellness path. The butterfly's four end points reflect the company's four fundamental values: body positivity, holistic nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness.

  • Brand Analysis

  • Inspiration Board

  • Primary + Secondary Logo Design

  • Typography Selection

  • Color Palette

  • Web Design

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