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Consequential Flowers


The Consequential Flowers logo is designed to represent the company's commitment to innovation and interconnection. The use of the flower image in the logo represents growth, learning, and the interconnectedness of knowledge. The abstract design of the flower symbolizes the company's use of cutting-edge technology, while the subtle use of color adds a sense of vibrancy and energy to the logo. The center of the logo makes use of negative space to create a star that represents the "x" factor of success within the global leadership seeds database after all five key factors have been met. The font used for the company name is modern and clean, reflecting the company's forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence. Overall, the logo design for Consequential Flowers is intended to convey the company's values and dedication to creating innovative, AI-powered software applications that help individuals and organizations learn and grow.

  • Brand Analysis

  • Inspiration Board

  • Primary + Secondary Logo Design

  • Typography Selection

  • Color Palette

  • Web Design

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