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Anesthesia Now


Anesthesia Now is a dynamic provider of office-based anesthesia services, specializing in delivering safe, compassionate care to anxious patients undergoing procedures in dental offices and various medical settings. The brand stands out with its extensive experience, reliability, and commitment to ensuring an excellent and comfortable anesthesia experience for both patients and medical professionals.

The brand aesthetic for Anesthesia Now is modern, professional, and innovative. The logo features a bold and dynamic depiction of the letter "A" shaped as a triangle, symbolizing precision and forward momentum. A sleek syringe graphic within the triangle serves as a visual cue for medical procedures. The color palette combines deep blue for trust and professionalism with a vibrant accent green for modernity and innovation. Typography from the Myriad font family ensures clarity and a contemporary feel.

  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Primary + Secondary Logo Design

  • Color Palette

  • Typography Selection

  • Brand Guidelines

  • 3D Brand Mockups

  • Business Card Design

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Content Creation

  • SEO Optimization

  • User Experience (UX) Design

  • User Interface (UI) Design

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Hosting Setup

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