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70 Degree Realty


70 Degree Realty, a Florida-based realtor located in Naples, specializes in selling homes throughout the state. The client wanted a logo that would attract consumers interested in buying homes in areas where the temperature is often in the seventies, reflecting the comfortable and desirable climate of Florida.

The brand aesthetic for 70 Degree Realty is warm, inviting, and reflective of the Floridian lifestyle. The logo features a stylized sun setting over water, symbolizing the idyllic climate and serene living conditions associated with the brand. The design includes a roofline to represent the concept of home. The color palette combines vibrant shades of yellow and blue, evoking the sunny skies and beautiful waters of Florida. Typography is clean and contemporary, ensuring readability and a modern appeal. Visual elements include imagery of palm trees, sunny skies, and beautiful homes, reinforcing the brand's promise of a perfect climate and ideal living conditions.

Primary + Secondary Logo Design

Color Palette

Typography Selection

Brand Guidelines

3D Brand Mockups

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